Louisville and Kentucky Probate and Estate Administration

The loss of a family member or loved one can be a confusing time for the surviving relatives. The question of how to handle to property and assets of the estate can often result in arguments and family disputes. It does not have to happen this way. A competent probate and estate attorney can assist in getting the estate into Probate Court and having the correct person appointed as the Administrator or Executor of the estate. Call Andrew today to see if he can help you through this process.

A few of the initial important questions will be:

  • Did the deceased live in Kentucky, if so what county?
  • Were they married?
  • Did they have a will?
  • Generally, what assets did they own at the time of death?
  • Generally, what debts did they owe?

With this information Andrew will be able to discuss the estate process with you and give you an idea of what to expect. Once an estate has been opened it will be the job of the Administrator or Executor to collect the assets of the estate and determine what debts that the estate owes. Within sixty days of appointment they will need to an Inventory with the Court. This document will set out a detailed listing of the estate’s assets and will assign a value to each item. What to include on that Inventory, and what value to assign to the items, can bring up many questions which an attorney can help you with.

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